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ONAIR Broadcast THREEONE ONAIR Radio show UPLIFTING TRANCE, MASHUP Contact with me : email : Software : CDJ-2000NXS2 this channel you can listen to Trance music played live on the first and third Friday of every month from 9pm to late night hours.

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Welcom to my radio. ONAIR Broadcast Live. TRANCE MUSIC for free. Every weekend Start 22:00 PM End ?? Trance Uplifting Trance Live Remix Live Mashup Enjoy and listen !!! Born 03/02/1984 Country : Poland Hobbies : MUSIC Music career : Initially, more fun. Guitar, Keyboard, etc. In 2008 the first computer programs that allow to edit music files. Later Tractor, Virtual DJ, finally Sony Acid, FL Studio and many similar programs. Year 2012 First Profi console. It was the Pioneer CDJ-200 is a bit longer tired. The first genre Techno, Dance and club music in general. Trance probably always loved but listen. Year 2013 CDJ 200 replaced the CDJ-350. Since that time, I played mostly Trance. year 2013 In the middle of the CDJ 350 swapped model CDJ-1000 (mk3) year 2013-2015 the vast majority (or all) that is created remixes of popular songs yer 2015 I started doing radio broadcast. Every month were coming invitations. Each of my program needs to be a surprise for the audience. The unique style very many songs re-mixed live without preparation. Many new tracks many surprising works in unusual remix. Each program includes a maximum of my music. 2016 to today 2016. I run a lot of regular radio broadcasts in a number of radio stations with music Trance. Recently, I decided to share their productions and sets the broadcast. Regular radio show is broadcast ONAIR. ( Other broadcast is: ThreeOne Presents - Guest Mix in ... (depending on radio station) Often in: 1 FM Amsterdam Trance Radio Athens Trance 1 FM Discover Trance Radio and guest where only'll be invited. And the house mixes ;) ThreeOne also known as - Trance Brothers - Trance Visions - House Project - Emas Cooperation: - Elliptical Recordings - Andromeda Recordings At the end WELCOME ON MY PROFILE in house mixes
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